LLC "Birincni Rezinotexnika zavodi" increases the range of tire sizes.

The plant's team has mastered and already started the production of new standard sizes of Bars tires for passenger cars. Since its appearance on the market, the Bars brand tires have gained a reputation for excellent all-season tires with excellent performance and reasonable prices. The size range is constantly expanding to meet the various needs of the modern market.

The latest addition to the Bars line is two completely new standard sizes: 205/70 R14 and 205/65 R15, the design of which is designed according to the requirements of all international standards and norms.

Specially for the production of these standard sizes, molds of the well-known South Korean company SAEHWA IMS were ordered. The new mastered tire sizes will have an improved special tread pattern. Bars all-season tires are an innovative product that will be delivered to the production stream, designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and driving conditions all year round. A wide tread will give a greater interface with the road, the design of new tires and their performance characteristics will allow you to achieve the most safe and confident behavior of rubber.

On any surface, whether it's hot, hot asphalt or frozen icy roads, Bars tires will provide exceptional speed and comfort when driving. New sizes of the tire family Bars are new opportunities for motorists.

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